#8 Dana Johnson

Dana's Art Studio & Gallery


Dana's Art Studio & Gallery

322 Hwy 62W

Yellville, AR 72687

(870) 656-2057



Directions: From the traffic light at the west end of AR62/412 (bypass) in Mountain Home, take 62W to Yellville. Continue into Yellville passing County Court House, through city of Yellville until you get to the top of hill, then turn due west on Hwy 62W. Your destination is on immediate right.

For me, the reason to paint any picture – portrait, landscape, still life or floral is to share my feelings about life itself.  When painting a picture, I tell the viewer what I like, what I believe and what I am concerned about.  If I can convey some portion of what I feel or see in a painting, then I have done my job as an artist. I am an optimistic person so my paintings and choice of medium present that point of view.  It is through composition, the pattern of light, shapes of objects and negative space I can lead the viewer through the painting, showing what I would most want them to see and think about.