#13 Ron Ufkes

Out of the Woods


29 Eastgate Drive

Lakeview, AR 72642

(870) 321-2719


Directions: From the intersection of AR62B and AR5N in Mountain Home, turn onto AR5N and travel 6.2 miles to Midway. Turn left onto AR178W. Travel 4 miles and turn right onto Eastgate Dr., just past the Welcome to Lakeview sign. Look for Art Odyssey sign. Turn left immediately into the driveway. The studio is the separate biulding in front of the house.

I’m sorry to say that wood turning has not revealed the meaning of life or disclosed any of the deep philosophical insights that some artists have experienced. But, I do enjoy the experience of working with and observing a rough piece of wood morph into something which may be seen as a thing of beauty. The sound of the tools cutting into the wood blank and watching the ever-changing patterns in the wood as the waste is cut away is a real pleasure for me and I hope results in something that others can enjoy.