#7 Pat Bergman


Metalwork / Jewelry

Palette Art League

300 Hwy 62W

Yellville, AR 72687

(870) 404-5702



Directions: From the traffic light at the west end of Ar62/412 (bypass) in Mountain Home, take 62W to Yellville. Contine into Yellville passing County Court House, through city of Yellville until you get to halfway up the hill. Your destination is on the right.

Life took me down an unexpected path 49 years ago, when I was introduced to metal as a creative form. Using traditional metal smithing tools, the possibilities are endless allowing my work to evolve. My niche includes hair accessories, complimenting the jewelry. As I continue to exhibit my work across the country at art and craft shows, you’ll also find it at Giftiques, Cotter; Arkansas Craft Gallery, Mountain View; The Jewel Box, Eureka Springs; and Blue Stem, Columbia,Mo. To take a piece of metal and transform it into something that can be worn as an adornment; that is special.