Richard Neubauer

Sculptured Stained Glass/Acrylics

Rick’s World
320 Hwy 62 E
Yellville, AR 72687

Directions: From the traffic light at the west end of AR 62/412 in Mountain Home (bypass) take Hwy 62 to the city of Yellville. When you arrive at the square, the destination is on the right hand side across from the courthouse.

Rick Neubauer first started to work with Dalle de Varre glass while living in Las Vegas. He studied art in Sedona, Arizona where he specialized in portrait paintings. He graduated with a Natural Resource Interpretation degree from Humbolt State University. He worked for many years doing home shows and fine art with stained glass doors. He has been a feature artist and won many first place awards.

Neubauer has been in the Ozarks for 10 years. The natural beauty of the area is inspiration for large wildlife paintings on actual interior doors and large canvasses.

Neubauer participated in The Art Odyssey tour 2016, and since then has greatly expanded his body of works. He creates custom entry doors and large bodies of work in fine and original paintings. He also uses a new art system he has created.