Richard Neubauer

Sculptured Stained Glass

Rick’s World
320 Hwy 62 E
Yellville, AR 72168

Directions: From the traffic light at the west end of AR 62/412 in Mountain Home (bypass) take Hwy 62 to the city of Yellville. When you arrive at the square, the destination is on the right hand side immediately before Harp’s.

Rick’s love for stain glass started 20 years ago with a chance meeting of a European glass master. He says he was immediately struck when he saw the beauty of some very thick one-inch glass. His glass is a rare glass, handmade in West Virginia, seven times thicker than other glass, and makes you say WOW when you see it. It originated from old world cathedrals when the windows demanded large and expansive structural glass.

Rick’s works are alive with light, and because his glass is sculpted by hand, it disperses light like a prism. He first opened his own glass studio in Boulder City, Nevada, 15 years ago. After working as a glass artist in the west, he came to the Ozark’s 8 years ago to join his family. He now wants to create a new series of glass sculptures and doors inspired by the love of fishing and nature that he finds here.

He has just opened a new studio called Rick’s World, which is located in the center of Yellville across from the courthouse. It’s in there that he makes one-of-a-kind works of art for his customer’s entryway. He says that he paints “with the light of the glass.” He feels that his one-of-a-kind designs help to express his customer’s individuality at their front doors, and is a unique way to bring energy into the home. His working glass studio/gallery also showcases his other local award-winning fine art in oil, acrylic, and pastel.