Dave Powell


225-772-0681 (cell)

Born and raised in south Louisiana, and now living in the beautiful Ozarks of Arkansas, Dave has always loved nature and the natural landscape.

Upon retirement in 2011, and with the encouragement of his artist wife, Dave attended a scratchboard workshop at Hill Country Art Gallery in Mountain Home. Although he had no prior training in any form of art, he realized he had an aptitude for this medium and had discovered a true passion for art.

In 2014 Dave attended a pastel workshop at the Florence Thomas Art School in North Carolina and a workshop at the Eureka Springs School of Art later that year.

Dave enjoys creating pastel paintings of mostly landscapes, in particular mountains, streams, lakes and beautiful skies. His scratchboard drawings focus primarily on animals, with his specialty of creating drawings of customer’s pets, especially dogs and cats.

According to Dave, “Finding a beautiful scene of nature and then reproducing that scene as interpreted through my eyes is one of the most inspiring and enjoyable activities I can imagine. I hope the passion that I feel when creating a piece of art will be felt and enjoyed by others as well.”