R Scott Flanagin

Mosaics/Wood/Folk Art

Black Turtle Creations Studio
(2-story gray building with no house number on Spring St.)
721 Cedar St. (main house)
Mountain Home, AR 72653
870-404-0216 (cell)
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Directions: From AR62B in midtown Mountain Home, at the traffic light near Taco Bell, turn south (away from Taco Bell) onto Sanford Lane. Take the first right onto Redbud. Travel 5 blocks and turn right onto Spring Street. Continue to the 4th house on the left, a 2-story gray building with a mosaic black turtle above the garage door. (If you turn onto the next street, Cedar St., walk behind the house at 721 to the studio on Spring St.)

Over and over again, R. Scott Flanagin returns to the inspiring realm of nature to foster the ideas for his next creation. “The fabric of true nature always calls to me as I begin to create,” Flanagin says. “I use the many shades of blue, green, and brown that lay the foundation for the natural world, often incorporating very bold colors for effect. I also use metal, wood, and combinations of the two to create functional art pieces. It is this combination that eventually manifests itself into a mosaic piece that focuses not on detail so much as the essence of the subject,” he says.

Flanagin, a retired educator, continues reinventing himself as a mosaic artist. With a Bachelor of Science degree in biology and a Master of Science degree in entomology, Flanagin is well-positioned to recreate his natural visions with both realism and flair. To create such pieces of intricacy and beauty, he incorporates tesserae from many sources, including tile, glass, rocks, metal and other found objects.

Flanagin and his wife, Neilla, often work on commissioned pieces together and are very proud to have a 10’x6’ mosaic, “Perspective” above the fireplace in the Student Union at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. When not working on new pieces they enjoy traveling on their Harley.