Laurie Kollins

Silver, Unique Stones & Gems (Jewelry)

680 Northpointe Dr.
Mountain Home, AR 72653
870-424-2746 (home)

Directions: From the traffic light at the intersection of AR62 & AR5, in Mountain Home, turn onto AR5N. Stay in the right-hand lane and turn right onto AR201N at the next light. Travel 1.4 miles and turn left onto Russell Lane. Travel 0.9 mile to the Northpointe Subdivision sign. Continue to the second intersection (which is Northpointe & Northpointe). Turn right and proceed 0.5 mile to the studio/home on the right. Walk around the right side of the garage to the studio entrance.

Silversmith and jewelry-maker Laurie Kollins began her journey into creating art with that oh-so-common Arkansan treasure, the rock, when she found that she was “growing” them in her backyard. All it took was a trip to Mount Ida, and she was hooked. Once she started collecting all of the pretty crystals, she started wire-wrapping. 

Kollins claims to have always had an artistic flair, but her inspiration was not truly found until she moved to Arkansas in 2002 and witnessed the “beautiful sunsets, hills, rivers, and wildlife.” Of course, the beautiful and unique stones she finds lend much in the ways of inspiring her to create beautiful jewelry. She also draws inspiration from traveling the Ozarks and watching other silversmiths work and create at county fairs and craft shows.

“I love to search for that one-of-a-kind stone and let it talk to me,” says Kollins. Once found, she uses either copper or fine sterling-silver, along with gem facets, to fix the stone into place. She compares the process to telling the stone’s story. “I especially revel in a client who wants to wear one of my ‘children’ and have a part in its design. This makes my heart sing,” she says.

Kollins studied art throughout high school and continued at Arkansas State University under Phyllis Bailey. In 2011, she studied with goldsmith Joan Tenebaum and continues to be mentored by her. “It made me hungry to learn more,” she says, and with the encouragement of her “loved one,” she will continue to grow and pursue her passion for creating beautiful pieces of art out of seemingly insignificant stones.